A Song A Week For A Year, Explained

It occurred to me the other day that I have made no formal announcement of my latest project, so here it is: I will be releasing one new track per week for the next year (bringing us back to late August/early September). I think this is best elaborated upon by answering questions that have been asked by no one in particular, and no one in general.

Q: Why one song per week?

Because I have a day job and usually have other obligations on weekends. Focusing on one track at a time seems to be the most efficient way for me to go about making music at this point in my life. Given the time and resources, I would love to be making full-length albums, but that’s simply not realistic right now.

Q: You’re currently working on an EP called “Silent Running, Vol. 1.” How does that figure in to this plan?

The upcoming releases will all be part of this silent running series. I suppose the effort needed a name after all. As such, the songs will ultimately be grouped into four-or-five-track EP’s.

Q: Is your music only available on bandcamp?

As of this post, yes. I enjoy the flexibility the bandcamp offers, though I may release¬†EP’s once they are complete through other vendors.

Q: Is there a monetary incentive to wait until an EP or the whole collection is released?

Only slightly — individual tracks are offered at one dollar, though five-track records will probably be available for four dollars. Other than that there is no reason to wait to purchase a single track if you like it.

Q: What do you write anyway?

After some deliberation I determined that, if I had to put my music into one genre-specific bag, I would label that bag “post-rock.” It’s more specific than “alternative,” and its reputation doesn’t precede it in the same way that simply “rock” or “electronic” would, in spite of both of those elements figuring heavily into what I’ve been coming up with lately.

Q: What will you do when the year is over?

Let’s get there first. Either I’ll need a long, long break, or this process will be such a routine part of my life that I’ll just keep going.

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