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Patching Albums

There are some inherent advantages to digital releases. Perhaps the most obvious is that there are no physical production costs, and no boxes of CD’s taking up valuable storage space in your closet, or under your bed, or in the … Continue reading

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Another week has passed and… well, to be honest, I didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked. With the late spring, everything started to bloom at once. Anyone with seasonal allergies knows that the effects of such a … Continue reading

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The Science of Induction

Another week, another update. I think I’ll try to maintain that frequency — it’ll keep me focused. Work on the album continues. I have tentatively titled it “The Science of Induction,” and hopefully the meaning behind that will become apparent … Continue reading

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Musical Cartography

So last week I announced that I’d be coming up with an album-type-thing as a personal project. The goal was to compose and/or consolidate enough tunes to get about 40-45 minutes. I’m pleased to say that I’ve achieved that goal. … Continue reading

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